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Our range of

FLEXIBLE and Covid-compliant

consultancy solutions

Tailor-made online classes

These sessions are designed according to each individual's areas of development to ensure effective growth and improvement. These tailor-made classes can be run one-on-one or in a small group and aim to target specific challenges within your business. 

 - Grammar perfection

 - English for business

 - Professional and effective communication

 - Time management 

 - Presentations

 - Productive meetings

 - Marketing strategies 

 - Management training: giving feedback

 - Competency Based Interviewing

 - The art of negotiation

 - Managing Millennials and Gen Z

 - IELTS exam preparation 

Needs analysis and support

A thorough and complementary needs analysis session is provided for all new clients where we will discuss the challenges faced within your business and find the right solutions for you. In this session a strategy is set forth including how we will reach your goals and by when we aim to achieve them.

Business processes analysis

There is never a good time for a business to be bogged down in bureaucracy. By streamlining ineffective processes you can increase productivity in your business and move away from a reactive stance to being proactive.

Feedback and reporting

Ongoing support and feedback is provided to you and your management team throughout the staff coaching process. This ensures that progress can be monitored actively and changes can be made swiftly if the need arises.

Flexible and Covid-compliant

All of our solutions offer flexibility and the promise of a tailor-made course based on the individual needs of your workforce. Whether you are aiming to uplift junior members or empower at management level, investing in your staff and streamlining processes has never been more crucial to the survival of your business. 

Can you afford not to develop your teams?

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